Who are we?

Plastic accumulating in our oceans is a global crisis. Each year we discard millions of metric tons of plastics that make their way into our oceans. The largest contributor to this crisis is single-use plastics, so often used for packaging products. Natural forces break down the plastics into micro-plastics, but they will never biodegrade. These micro-plastics are easily ingested by animals across all levels of the food chain, including humans. The potential threat for a collapse of an entire ecosystem is real if we don’t change. Fortunately, we are starting to create the demand for this change through efforts of removal and reduction.

It is estimated there are currently 150 million metric tons of plastic in marine environments. Organizations have started to remove plastics from our oceans and shorelines through direct action, and several large-scale collection systems are in development. In addition to removal, a reduction in the amount of plastic entering our oceans must happen. Estimates indicate that 50% of all plastic pollution comes from single-use plastics and only 9% of all plastic is recycled. As consumers we need to buy responsibly, choosing those products which are made of recycled and recyclable plastic, void of single-use plastics in packaging, and increase our efforts to recycle.

As saltwater anglers, we at Poombah Plugs believe those of us who love the ocean and receive so much benefit from marine life must be at the forefront of this change. This company is founded on two principles:

1. The belief we can provide the finest plugs and lures on the market without further contribution to the ongoing crisis.

2. The belief that giving back in support of our planet’s oceans is not only a fundamental requirement, but a privilege.

It is our hope that not only will you enjoy using Poombah Plugs, appreciate the quality and the effort that goes into producing them, but more importantly join us in the effort to preserve and protect the ocean and the marine life that provides us with such remarkable reward. We offer the following statements:

Vision Statement

We envision clean oceans free of pollution, supporting vibrant marine life, protected and sustained by those who benefit most.

Mission Statement

To lead in the production of quality plugs and lures using environmentally sustainable, responsibly sourced materials to eliminate harmful impact on oceans and marine life. To support the protection of oceans and marine life through a percentage of profits donated to organizations dedicated to that mission.