Glider - Fat

Football bait

Stick baits are some of the most effective imitations to use. This is because they may be retrieved at a steady rate for a zig-zag action, or worked by twitching the rod in a stop-and-go motion (hence why these are sometimes called "jerk baits"). Either way accurately mimics a wounded swimming baitfish and will often elicit super aggressive strikes.

This video is an example of the Glider Fat. You can see the plug is swimming fairly shallow (6" - 18") so it's a good choice for "skinny" water. The action is a tight back and forth. The plug may be fished at different speeds while still achieving this action.

Glider Fat.MOV

Glider Fat - Golden Pogy

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Glider Fat - Black/Purple

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Glider Fat - White

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Glider Fat - Yellow/White

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