The day after Thanksgiving this year I experienced some severe medical issues. I returned home the second week of December, but I am recovering and unfortunately not able to support any production of plugs for at least 2-3 more weeks. If you have placed an order up to December 13th I anticipate filling it by the end of January 2022. Orders placed after December 13th will start shipping in the beginning of February 2022 in the priority sequence in which they were received. This is sad news for the Christmas season, but nonetheless the reality and I wanted to ensure it was communicated.

Thank you to all of you who have reached out and sent your prayers and best wishes for a fast recovery. My Customers are amazing! Your support during this difficult time has been sincerely appreciated.


Magnum Walker

A large profile bait imitation at 8". Weighing in at 3 oz it has a weight to length ratio of 3/8, but this is not a distance plug. This is a finesse plug intended to be "walked" slowly back and forth on the water's surface to elicit explosive strikes. Size 4/0 belly and tail hooks.


A small profile bait imitation at 6". Weighing in at 1.75 oz it has a weight to length ratio of 3/10. This is a finesse plug intended to be "walked" slowly back and forth on the water's surface to elicit explosive strikes. Great for freshwater pike and bass as well as in the salt. Size 2/0 belly and tail hooks.

Glider Fat

Much like the Shad Swimmer this plug is intended to represent deeper bellied baitfish such as bunker, butterfish, pinfish and shad. This is a slow sinking lure that will swim relatively quickly back and forth just under the surface. 6" - 2.65 oz - 3/0 hooks.

Shad Swimmer

A swim bait with a 1/2 Pikie lip to swim deeper in the water column, especially in heavier currents. Sides are flattened and splayed to move the weight towards the rear for casting distance and action. Belly weighted to ensure position in current. 6-1/2" long weighing 2.85 oz.

Big Eye

A shorter plug at 6" and at 2.25 oz weight has a weight/length ratio of nearly 2/5. Max diam. 1-1/8". It's shorter length allows for less wind resistance when casting so distance is achieved. The shorter length also allows for a more rapid side to side action. A full 1/2" diameter eye for max attraction. Size 3/0 tail and belly hooks. Sinking.


A long, slender baitfish imitation. Unweighted and measures 8" long with a weight of 2 oz. A bucktail dressed teaser hook at the tail and a belly treble gives the right balance when combined with this plug's profile. Size 3/0 belly treble and dressed 4/0 single inline tail hook.


A long 7-1/2" plug + fully dressed 5/0 single tail hook. Made out of hardwood, this plug is designed to target fish actively feeding on squid, typically found in rips set up from moving tides. Diameter at the eye is 1", but the plug is slender and weighs 2 oz.

Sand Eel

A small imitation of one of the most important baitfish available for the northeast inshore fishery. A 6-1/2" needle type lure that weighs just 1 oz., yet casts well especially on lighter braid. A single 3/0, fully bucktail hook at the rear increases the attraction.


Our Darter is a nose-up floating plug but due to its shape it will swim at 5-10 feet of depth. Its special cupped face imparts a slight wobble, allowing this plug to be cast or trolled. Plug is 7" in length; 2.25 oz. and has two size 3/0 hooks. Sinking.

Janet Messineo Signature Series

Poombah Plugs has teamed up with Janet Messineo as one of our Pro-Staffers. We are pleased to offer some of her favorite plugs as a Signature Series. Click her name below to see some of what she considers he go-to plugs. 7" long and weights 2.5 oz. Sinking.

Poombah Pencil

This is the plug that started it all. Made from Tulip Poplar, this 7-1/2" - 2.5 oz plugs floats high in the water and works well with both a fast and slow retrieve. Many use it as a cross-over between a pencil popper and spook style plug.

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