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The dreaded Canal

Not huge, but we'll take it!

Lost this pig!

Running to reach busting fish!

South Beach, Chatham, MA

Cape Cod Canal

This photo has been blurred to protect the identity of the fish.

Big Eye Green MackReal

Early Spring fish on a Big Eye

Walker Blue Herring

The Big Poombah himself (left) and Pro Staffer Cooper Fersen (right)

Janet Messineo bluefish on a Tuna Bomb Green MackReal

Fishing the rips with the Pink Squid

Custom Magnum Danny plug in Yellow

Nice Canal fish on a Shad Stick in White

A nicer Canal fish on a Shad Stick in White

50 + lb fish on the Magnum Walker in White

Another Magnum Walker in White bass

Shad Swimmer in Golden Pogy crushing 'em!

And the release

Bonito time!

Two-for-one on a Pink Octopus test plug

Aquinna - so beautiful!

Nice bluefish on a Glider Fat in Golden Pogy

Middle of the day Fall Run striper on the Glider Fat Golden Pogy

Shad Swimmer Golden Pogy

Custom double jointed swimmer in Golden Pogy

And another 30+ lb fish

Shad Swimmer Golden Pogy

Another Glider Fat Golden Pogy sea cow!

Top water action on the Magnum Walker Green MackReal

Janet Messineo's Momma's Poppah

Finn's favorite color: Yellow/White

I just love this plug...

Jack down in Melbourne Beach, FL on the Mack Daddy Silver Pogy