Striped Bass Hunt Series

Specializing in surf fishing for large striped bass in and around his home waters along the north shore of Boston, Finn Hawley has dedicated himself to the relentless pursuit of this noble fish.  He is well versed in a multitude of fishing styles - live eels, lead head jigs, tins and of of course - plugs!   Humble and always learning, Finn has quickly established himself as a leading resource to thousands of anglers, eager to help by sharing the knowledge he has gained through countless of hours in the surf.  

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Rockport Pencil

Originally developed on the north shore of Boston for casting from the surf.  This is a small cedar pencil, only 6" long and weighing 2 oz.  It's heavily weighted in the tail and casts like a rocket, but still floats.  The trebles are 2/0 VMX 4x strong.  A great choice when fish are feeding at a distance on small bait near the surface of the water.

SBH Rockport Pencil - White

SKU   3606200WH ...... $24    

SBH Rockport Pencil - Yellow/White

SKU   3606200YLWH ...... $24    

SBH Swimmer

Another small bait at only 6" in length.  This plug, however, is made of hard maple and belly weighted for a total weight of 2.25 oz.  It's a sinking swimmer due to the wood, lip, weights, larger 3/0 trebles and sloped head, reaching depths between 3 and 5 feet depending on conditions.  An excellent choice when fished in current and the fish are feeding subsurface in the water column.  

SBH Swimmer - Black/Purple

SKU   3406225BKPR...... $26    

SBH Swimmer - Yellow/White

SKU   3406225YLWH...... $26