A universal shape

Many baitfish offer a thin but tall profile.  This plug was designed directly on the profile of the Atlantic Menhaden (aka Pogy or Bunker).  Also a great Shad imitation (American or Hickory).  Fish with a slow, straight retrieve and this plug will simply swim in a serpentine back-and-forth motion.  Deadly!

Shad Swimmer:  you can see from the distorted image of the plug in this video that the plug is swimming at depth.  The Shad Swimmer will work in a range of 5-10 feet of water.  It's action is a back and forth motion which becomes amplified when fishing in current.  This plug is also an excellent choice when fishing rough surf breaking in and around rocks.  The plug's lip gets it down quickly below the white water where it is readily seen by fish.  

Shad Swimmer.MOV

Shad Swimmer - White

SKU 3065300WH......$28

Shad Swimmer - Golden Pogy

SKU 3065300GPGY......$28