Magnum Walker

Take it slow....

The Magnum Walker offers a large profile surface plug  weighing 3 ounces.  Particularly effective at night and in calm water, this plug is designed to be worked slow in a back-and-forth (aka "walking the dog") motion.  Gently twitch your rod tip while slowly reeling in line.  Be prepared!  

The unique design of this plug ensures that it will stay on top of the water during its retrieve.   It has a large left to right  motion and may be worked at varying speeds.  Adding a single rear tail hook or a teaser will not affect the action.  

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Mag Walker - Golden Pogy

SKU 9008300GPGY......$26

Mag Walker - Green MackReal

SKU 9008300GRMR......$26

Mag Walker - White

SKU 9008300WH......$26

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Mag Walker - Bone

SKU 9008300BN......$26

Mag Walker - Yellow/White

SKU 9008300YLWH......$26