The ultimate plug....

Ok - so "ultimate" may be a stretch, but I think this is a pretty cool concept. I became tired of catching bluefish and running the risk of harm to myself. Belly treble hooks and treble hooks in general can be a significant risk when landing or boating these toothy, strong and relentless fish. A Boga is difficult to fit into their mouth while they are thrashing about and clenching their jaws tight. Grab the leader and you run the risk of cutting your hand or even breaking the leader.

I wanted to create a lure that allowed the angler to control a bluefish, was safer to the angler as well as the fish, was strong and very affordable (as much as I admire and appreciate the bluefish, they are still considered a fish not worthy by many and nobody is going to pay $30 for a lure dedicated to bluefish).

So here's what I came up with:

  • A long lure to act as a handle when hoisting a fish

  • The hourglass design allows for a better grip due to the increased diameter above the hand while moving weight towards the rear for casting efficiency

  • Ridges in the center help with grip as well

  • The nose is cupped for big water spray and air cavitation when retrieved

  • The nose and tail loops have swivels, making it easier to connect a clip and an energetic fish won't twist the plug out of your hand

  • Huge VMC 7/0 single in-line hook at the rear - no belly hook to snag you or the flanks of the fish

  • Thru-wired with my new titanium wire that is 400 lb test +

  • Not finished. An epoxy top coat would make it more slippery, as would sealant. Bluefish are going to chew through paint and finish anyway. And a raw product keeps my cost down. The plug is sealed, but paint it whatever color scheme you want and when that wears off paint it again!

  • And damn - wouldn't you know? The first time I used this lure I caught nothing but striped bass on it!

Bluefish - Unfinished

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