Janet Messineo Signature Series

Janet Messineo lives in Vineyard Haven on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts and considered a pioneer of women surfcasters with over 40 years of fishing experience. She is an accomplished shore guide, taxidermist and author. Janet has been a pro-staffer for multiple businesses such as St. Croix and Trailhead tire deflators, and now Poombah Plugs. She is passionate about "hunting" for huge fish and teaching others on how to do the same.

This plug acts like a cross between a needle and a popper. It creates a subtle splash or pop and if line tension on the pause is relaxed it will often dart to one side or the other, imitating a wounded baitfish. You can see that in this video.

Mommas Poppah.MOV

Momma's Poppah

Janet's two favorite styles of plugs to use are a popper and Danny plug. The Momma's Poppah is the first of her signature series that we collaborated on. It's a slender popper measuring 7" in length and 7/8" in diameter, weighing in at just 2.5 oz. It is outfitted with two 3/0 4x strong VMC trebles, #2 VMC stainless steel swivels in the belly and nose and Wolverine triple-wrap stainless steel split rings. Like all of our plugs it is through-wired with 0.064" stainless steel wire. Additionally, it is tail-weight with tungsten weights. While this is a sinking popper, its aggressively sloped face allows this plug to come to the surface immediately. Popping along the surface is effortless and may be accomplished by gently twitching your rod tip, or simply a quick turn of your reel handle. You'll get great distance and swear this was a floating popper while enjoying long hours of fishing without fatigue.

Momma's Poppah - Yellow/White

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Momma's Poppah -Olive/White

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