Tuna Bomb

Is it just for tuna? .....

A general purpose plug that is super strong. This will test out at a minimum of 250 lb. test. Made for distance casting from the shore with a surf rod or on the water with a shorter boat rod. Tuna busting on the surface? Throw the MackReal pattern at 'em. Bluefish busting on the surface? I don't think it matters what you throw at 'em. Just be careful not to overthrow them by too much!

Tuna Bomb - Green MackReal

SKU 2555250GRMR......$22

Tuna Bomb - Red/White

SKU 2555250RDWH......$22

Tuna Bomb - White

SKU 2555250WH......$22

Tuna Bomb - Yellow/White

SKU 2555250YLWH......$22